Having gone through a major transition with my job situation this past year, and all the changes that comes with finding a new medical insurance plan, I wasn't looking forward to another change. Now eligible for Medicare, I was apprehensive in finding the right person to help locate the correct plan for me. On the advice of a close friend and Financial Advisor, I reached out to Dan, and from the very start, he helped me walk through the process every step of the way. He's a total Professional - he's well versed in all the various plans, and what best fits his customers. He's responsive and courteous, and extremely diligent to any task needed to help through the application process. I'm grateful for his care and help, and highly recommend his services!


I have been using Dan at DCNC for about 10 years for my health insurance needs. He always returns calls immediately, and has given me great advice on my health insurance products. I have refereed a number of friends to Dan and all of the have been extremely happy. A great, honest agent.


Daniel Fraser helped me choose a Medicare Plan that I can REALLY use. He explained all the plans and their differences so I could understand them. Then I could choose the best plan for my circumstance. He keeps in touch via email to see how I am doing or to notify me of any changes that will be affecting me. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for help navigating the Medicare System.


Wow working with Daniel was a breath of fresh air. He met with me at my home and was equipped with his computer and tons of knowledge. What a professional and honest man. Everyone I refereed to him said the same thing. If your lucky to have met Dan you got the best service in the State of Florida.


My husband and I have one major requirement for our insurance agents, and that is "Return our calls" Not only does Dan Frazier return your call in a timely fashion, he usually has the answers you need. If he doesn't he does the research and many times takes care of the matter for you. His service and care for our needs is impeccable!


I'm very pleased with the service Daniel Frazer is giving me. I call him a few time to find a doctor or a dentist and he was right here to help me immediately. I really trust him and I know he will help me out Thanks Daniel.